Security Institute of Palm Beach

Our Courses

We take pride in providing premium security and firearm training to all individuals and families. Join our club right now and avail our exceptional services.


Live action scenario training

All skills are taught and practiced realistically, using natural stances and natural movements with no “telegraphing” motions. We focus strictly on the realistic execution of your techniques, straightforwardly employing what is necessary. Additionally, our students spend considerable time mastering basic skills before learning new skills. It does not matter how much you know; your techniques will be useless without solid fundamentals.

We train our students in a diverse set of fighting skills ranging from striking to grappling, covering both stand-up fighting and ground fighting, various defenses against grabs, holds, chokes, weapons, etc. However, we only teach proven skills that work effectively in a fight.

Advance Firearms

Tactical Training

Advanced firearm situations are always constantly changing. Without a diverse repertoire of techniques, you will find yourself defenseless in most situations, from stand-up fighting to ground fighting! Your ability to defend yourself is also determined by your ability to adapt your self-defense skills spontaneously to the situation you face as it evolves. If an attacker suddenly pulls out a weapon or throws you to the ground, you will need to quickly re-evaluate the situation and shift to utilize the techniques that will be most effective.

At our Academy, the advanced firearm training is centered around reality and common sense. There is nothing “traditional” about it. You will not find any of that nonsense being taught at our Academy. We teach you how real altercations occur in the real world, covering the types of situations in real firearm scenarios.

Florida Armed G License

In order to utilize armed security services in Florida, its compulsory to obtain Florida Armed G License. At the Security Institute of Palm Beach, we offer courses specially constructed for such firearms. We are a team of the best firearms instructors in the industry, and our courses are usually extended to 28 hours. The best part about training with the Security Institute of Palm Beach is that all instructors are former army and law enforcement professionals.

We have multiple Florida Armed G License courses that include sessions for beginners and intermediate students delivered by exceptional trainers in the area. These courses focus on marksmanship principles, legal issues, gun safety, and personal training while working as an armed security guard.

Florida Unarmed "D" License

Many methods of instruction. We take an all-encompassing approach to teaching. We help you gain confidence in your skills through live-action training scenarios. Our academy will give each student the knowledge and skills to give them confidence in their everyday lives and professional careers. The Security Institute of Palm beach has over ten years of experience preparing the best security professionals, both armed and unarmed. We take pride in providing highly professional for Florida Unarmed D license firearms holders.

Medical training

Stop Bleeding

At the Security Institute of Palm Beach, you will never feel intimidated or physically vulnerable. We do not tolerate nor welcome individuals with hostile intentions. We teach tactical street medicine techniques so you can provide yourself and your loved ones with immediate health in case of accidents or emergencies.

$30.00 per student

CPR Training

Security Institute of Palm Beach is dedicated to offering exceptional CPR training and supportive communal services to build confidence and security amongst families. We offer a variety of CPR and firearm rescue classes for adults helping them live safe and peaceful lives.