Security Institute of Palm Beach


SIPB has been running the business successfully for over 10 YEARS!  We have gained actual time in the field allowing us to develop firsthand experience and knowledge. We Believe in what we do!

Live Scenario simulator


We use a State of the Art program known as, “MILO.” The MILO Live Interactive Training Scenario Simulator is the international standard for interactive use of force, tactical judgment, firearms training systems, and range design. MILO offers world-leading simulator training for government, military, security, law enforcement, and police personnel worldwide. And here at SIPB, we have this program to offer to you!


Learn and sharpen critical skills that will be necessary when faced with potentially life-threatening situations, such as discretionary shooting, rapid information processing, reaction time, and verbal commands. This system is currently used to train military and Law Enforcement units around the world, train like the Professionals! We also have a variety of games that you can do with your friends and family.  We offer marksmanship and training drills. Some of what we offer are tracking drills, speed drills, moving targets.  Shoot against yourself and a timer or a friend in two player scenarios and games.  We have recreational training like a dueling tree, trap shooting, target shooting. If you’re a competitive shooter, you can practice while saving on the cost of ammunition with IPSC courses and quick draw based scenarios.